Artwork and Design

We offer a great service when it comes to helping you with your design/artwork needs.

You feed us your requirements and we will prepare eye-catching designs to enhance your brochures or avant-garde flyers.  We provoke change.

We understand image is everything, can interpret the University of Leeds Identity Management Guidelines whilst helping you retain your own independence.  Our focus is and always will remain, you.

Together, we will help you to stand taller, more assured and more inspired than your counterparts and breathe a little inspiration into your marketing materials.

For large projects, design services can be sourced from the University’s approved framework of external design agencies. However, for small scale projects the Print & Copy Bureau offers a design/artwork service.

Include as much detail as possible – when suppliers are working with unknowns or having to make assumptions, the costs to you are likely to increase.

Clearly state your expectations in terms of their response eg a basic quote or outline approach (for smaller, lower budget work), or a more detailed proposal (for larger, higher budget work).

You may, if you wish, ask for two pricing options as follows:
1. An option that meets the requirements of the brief but is under budget
2. The extras that could be offered if the full budget was spent and ask them to state the added benefits this would bring.

It is always helpful to include at least an indicative budget, so suppliers can assess their suitability for the work.

Think about any other related work that you may need in the near future – such as any digital versions – this can be included in the brief to help the suppliers understand the full scope of the work.

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